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Autopost.to is a service that gives you the easiest way of connecting your WordPress site to your Facebook accounts and pages. This was free and easy process until Apr 30, 2014 when Facebook changed it’s policy regarding availability of app permissions. You still can setup your own app, but now it will be much more complicated process that includes submitting your app for review and 7-10 days waiting period. Alternatively you can use Autopost.to service to make your posts appear on Facebook.

What’s the difference?

SNAP was always about using your own apps and make 100% white-labeled posts. This is the main difference between SNAP and all other services that make posts through their apps. Autopost.to works the same way as any other third party service. It will use our app to make posts on your behalf. Autopost.to is just seamlessly integrated with SNAP, so you can still use SNAP do define what and how will be shared.

How does it work?

It’s very easy, signup for the Autopost.to Account, enter your Facebook URL and authorize your account. Once successfully authorized you will get a special key. Just enter this key to your SNAP settings and start autoposting.

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